Hare’s Head without water, Arsial clarifies: “We intervened quickly: emergency is over”

In a note, Arsial extinguished the controversy: “We have taken action with internal and Acea Ato2 employees, who have carried out numerous checks and urgent maneuvers on the network”

Fiumicino, June 13, 2024 – “With reference to what happened in the municipalities of Fiumicino and the municipality of Rome XIV on the lack of water in the Testa di Lepre district, where there is an Arsial water center, managed by Acea Ato2, and which caused a disservice to users who were without water from Saturday June 8 to Monday June 10, 2024 and which was resolved on the morning of June 11 to clarify what was in the local press, this is clarified Arsial immediately intervened to resolve the issue on the same day, Saturday 8 was activated with internal staff and Acea Ato2 carrying out numerous checks and urgent maneuvers on the network “to restore service in the shortest possible time”. This is what we read in a note from Arsial.

“Given that a breakdown in the water network or in the tanks can happen naturally, we repeat – we read again in a note – the immediate activation of Arsial after the reports received from users despite the problem took place on a Saturday and despite Arsial having no staff working on-call and on public holidaysArsial adds.

“Given that it is not one of the institutional tasks of the Agency to guarantee water service to citizens who, in the light of the changed regulatory framework regarding the management of the water service, it would be up to the municipalities, as they are part of the Lazio Optimal Territorial Authority n.2 Central Lazio and the consequent management of the integrated water service to Acea Ato2It is believed that the Arsial staff, who took action to solve the problem, deserve respect for responding quickly to citizens, even though this was not part of their duties, and that the considerations reported in the local press expressed about Arsial’s inability to comply fully. unfounded, proof of this is the fact that on the morning of the 11th, partly thanks to the intervention of Acea Ato2, the emergency is over” to conclude. it’s on GOOGLE NEWS. To always stay informed of our news, click on this linkand select the star at the top right to follow the source.