‘Jurassic Park 4’ will film in Thailand, Malta and Great Britain

Dinosaur film is warned by Thai officials not to damage the natural environment.

Universal Pictures’ ‘Jurassic Park 4’ will use locations in Thailand and studios in Malta and Britain

The Gareth Edwards-directed film, produced by Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley, is expected to star Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Bailey, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Mahershala Ali, Rupert Friend, Luna Blaise and David Iacono.

The Jurassic Park dinosaurs-versus-humans franchise started with the Spielberg-directed film of the same name in 1993 and spawned two more in 1997 and 2001. It also led to 2015’s three-film dinosaurs-in-a-park Jurassic World franchise .

With a script by David Koepp, the new film is being touted as “a completely new take that launches a new Jurassic era, with three adults and three teenagers trapped on the island.” The new film is also titled ‘Jurassic World 4’ and ‘Jurassic City’.

The month-long production of units in Thailand was confirmed by Jaturon Phakdeewanit, director general of the country’s Ministry of Tourism. He said the production will take place from June 13 to July 16 in locations including Bangkok, Trang, Phang Nga, Phuket and Chiang Mai. In addition, the Huai To Waterfall, in Khao Phanom Bencha National Park in Krabi Province, is expected to last a week.

The official said the production is expected to bring THB650 million ($18 million) in economic benefit to the country, through equipment rental, accommodation, venue rental, transportation and catering services. He also expects the film to seek local subsidies through Thailand’s 20% cut on production expenditure system, which is open to international films that spend more than THB100 ($2.75 million) in the country.

It is unclear which cast members will be in Thailand. Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures and Kennedy/Marshall did not respond to repeated questions from Variety.

Thai Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Phatcharavat Wongsuwan said Thailand was “honored” to host the filming. However, he also warned of environmental damage. “They are strictly required to comply with relevant laws and regulations and not to degrade or damage natural resources and the environment,” Wongsuwan said in a statement on the Department of National Parks Facebook page.

About 25 years ago, southern Thailand hosted the production of Danny Boyle’s Leonardo DiCaprio, starring ‘The Beach’. That led to overtourism on Phi Phi Island and the closure of Maya Bay for several years while the beaches and landscape recovered.

Production in Malta, facilitated by Latina Productions and Malta Film Studios, will follow between July and September, followed by Sky Studios Elstree, via Saga Productions. The completed film, produced by Kennedy/Marshall, Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures, is scheduled for release on July 2, 2025.

Other key crew positions include cinematographer John Mathieson, 1st AD Jack Ravenscroft and casting director Jina Jay.

Executive VP of production development Sara Scott and creative executive of production development Jacqueline Garell are overseeing the project for Universal.