Labor manifesto to focus on economic growth

Pat McFadden, Labour’s election co-ordinator, has indicated there will be no tax cuts in his party’s manifesto, to be published in Manchester later this morning.

McFadden was asked whether Labor would offer any tax cuts, following the Conservative Party’s own promise of national insurance cuts in its manifesto on Tuesday.

“The Conservative manifesto is nothing more than a recipe for five years of chaos… we are not going to make that mistake, we are consciously taking a different approach,” the Labor MP told the Radio 4 Today programme. “Tax cuts must be sustainable and affordable.”

The Labor frontbencher said his party’s policies would boost economic growth, whether through the new National Wealth Fund, the creation of “GB Energy”, labor market reforms, better childcare provision for parents, a new industrial policy and planning reforms. “We do not believe that the growth rate in the future has to be the same as in the past,” he said.