Olympic art exhibitions open in Shenzhen

Remember Jackie Chan’s mysterious roller skating suit in the movie? CZ12? The inventor of this suit, Jean-Yves Blondeau, has come to the Pingshan district in Shenzhen.

Dressed in a roller skating suit with a “Chinese dragon” pattern, he demonstrated super cool roller skating skills at the opening of the exhibition, allowing viewers to experience the speed and charm of roller skating.

“Interwoven Cultures in the 100 Years of Olympic Games – European Culture and Art Exhibition” opened at Shenzhen Pingshan Exhibition Hall. With the theme ‘Humanities, Art & Sportsmanship’, the exhibition was divided into three different themes, “sports”, “extreme sports of roller skating” and “European oil painting art”. The three different exhibitions connect the different cultures and arts of different countries and promote the exchange and interaction between different cultures of the East and the West.

“Under the Olive Tree: 1896” —-The first modern Olympic themed exhibition

As the 2024 Paris Olympics draw closer, “Under the Olive Tree: 1896” makes its grand debut at the Pingshan Exhibition Center. It is the first time that valuable video material from the collection of the Benaki Museum in Greece is exhibited in southern China. The aim is to take the audience back to 1896 to experience the glorious moments of the first modern Olympic Games, so that the Olympic spirit can be developed and transmitted in the manner of exhibition art.

“The Extreme Sports of Roller-Skating Superhero” —- The first exhibition of YvesBlondeau’s Global Retrospective in China

Blondeau, the world-famous extreme skater, is exhibiting his rare original manuscripts and pink skating suit in China for the first time. This exhibition is full of adventure and creativity. Visitors will experience speed and charm, as well as the perfect combination of art and technology through Blondeau’s works.

“Through a Century of Europe” —-The exhibition of authentic European paintings in the 19th century

The exhibition features authentic European classical oil paintings from the 18th to the 20th century, presenting viewers with an artistic journey through time. The works on display cover the classics of many art genres, from Romanticism to Impressionism, and from the Barbizon School to Symbolism, allowing the public to appreciate the brilliant achievements and colorful cultural heritage of European art.

Pingshan District has been pushing for “enriching the city with culture” in recent years. It has always been an important position for cultural heritage and innovation. It relies on Hakka, red, non-heritage and other high-quality cultural resources and provides strong support for the development of clusters of cultural, sports and tourism sectors.

The activity provides an art platform for cultural exchange between East and West, where two different cultures come together, collaborate and dialogue, which can lead to greater artistic inspiration and richer cultural experiences.