Bombay Borough introduces a nostalgic lunch offering with regional Indian dishes

Celebrating India’s regional cuisines, Bombay Borough introduces a new lunch offering: the Dabba Lunch.

The ‘Dabba Lunch’ concept dates back to 1890, when the British and Parsi communities stayed in Mumbai, and was introduced as a convenient tiffin delivery service to enjoy fresh, home-cooked meals every day.

The lunch offer is available from Monday to Friday from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM from Rs. 2,500 per person.

Tiffin box or ‘Dabba’, comes from the word ‘Dabbawala’, referring to a person who works for a lunch delivery service. This service is still very popular in India to this day. Inspired by these hardworking and world-renowned Dabbawalas, Bombay Borough’s Dabba Lunch celebrates Indian regional cuisine with unique Indian ingredients, spices and flavors.

The menu is designed so that guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, including starters, small dishes and main courses. Bombay Borough pays tribute to centuries-old Indian tradition, with four Dabbas representing different regions and cultures.

From the eclectic and nostalgic Ammas Dabba, with comforting, distinctive and fiery flavors from South India to the Punjabi Dabba, rich and famous North Indian dishes thanks to their simple, robust and agricultural culture and heritage, to the Nawabi Dabba, adorned with the rich flavors of the Awadh region of Northern India, and the Bombay Dabba, with the culinary gems from the city of dreams, this menu offers a taste of the different regions in India, neatly packaged in a tiffin box to enhance the authenticity of the dinner experience.

The starting menu consists of Indian street food dishes such as Chaatwala, which are packed with spices, vegetables and chutneys and vary from one Dabba to another. The small plate features dishes such as the Chennai Crab Roti, featuring Chennai-style shredded roti and tempered crab meat cooked in the iconic Madras coconut sauce.

The mains highlight the hyper-local flavors with dishes like the Malvani Chicken Curry from Bombay – a traditional chicken curry from Maharashtra, seasoned with local favorite ‘goda masala’, the Punjabi Paneer Sirka Pyaaz – a Tawa tossed paneer with ‘sirka pyaz’ or vinegar. soaked pearl onions in a masala tempered with cumin and peppers and much more.

Inspired by these hard-working and world-renowned Dabbawalas, Bombay Borough presents ‘Dabba Lunch’ that celebrates their spirits and India’s regional cuisines and hyper-local ingredients with a wide range of ‘Dabbas’ to choose from the daily lunches. Guests can book via