Melo Alves strategic partnership with LS Advogados in Macau

Melo Alves has entered into a cooperation agreement with LS Lawyers in Macau, strengthening a promising partnership aimed at improving legal services in both jurisdictions. The agreement was formalized by Jorge Changpartner at Melo Alves and head of the Asian Desk, next door Liu Xiaocui And Song Xiaoyongvalued partners of LS Law Firm.

With a commitment to promoting legal excellence, Melo Alves will expand his expertise to offer comprehensive training in various legal areas in Portugal. This initiative aims to strengthen the legal profession in Macau while enriching the legal landscape in Portugal. Under the terms of the agreement, the two entities will provide mutual legal support to each other, facilitate the exchange of legal insights and documentation, and promote commercial collaborations within the legal sphere.

The Portuguese law firm distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating global expertise with a nuanced understanding of local complexities, enabling it to meet clients with diverse international requirements. The partnership aims to strengthen collaborative efforts, raise service standards and improve the overall customer experience. By providing superior, customized and accessible professional services, both firms strive to meet the legal needs of clients in Macau and Portugal with precision and effectiveness.

Based in the Macau Special Administrative Region, LS Lawyers specializes in a wide range of legal areas, including civil, commercial, criminal, administrative and intellectual property law.

This strategic partnership marks a new chapter in legal cooperation between Macau and Portugal, paving the way for improved legal services and increasing client satisfaction across borders.