Students are considering a drop year for better seats

BENGALURU: NEET-UG students and their parents in Karnataka are concerned that inflation in ranks will have a long-term impact on their careers in the medical field.

They indicated that, compared to last year’s NEET results, their ideal or expected ranks have now fallen by 20,000 to 25,000, depriving them of the institutions they would have liked to gain entry into.

Many also shared that they will now have to look at medical colleges in smaller cities to pursue their dream.

A student who scored 640 out of 720 in this year’s medical entrance exam and achieved a rank of 38,000 for 2024 should ideally have been in the 10,000s if this was in line with the 2023 criteria.

Speaking to TNIE, Akhil Seelam said, “Due to the NTA move, my rank had an inflation of 340%, which is rare for competitive exams and has never been seen before in India. My friend scored 582 marks which is a good score to attend a private or government university in Bengaluru. But now he is forced to take a drop year and appear for NEET again next year.

Explaining his ordeal, he added that his rank will force him to leave Bengaluru and try Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities to enroll in a medical college.

“Our cost of living will be affected because my parents would have to move with me. I never thought about a college outside the city but now I am forced to apply to Kasturba Medical College in Mangaluru, KIMS in Hubbali and Mandya Medical College,” he said.

Another student, Devika N, who scored 550 out of 720 and a rank of 1.3 lakh, said she has no option but to take a drop year and opt for another attempt. “With this year’s ranking, I would not get a government seat, even in rural areas. My parents can’t afford a private school or a private place.”