The 15 Best Things To Do In Michigan In Summer

Summer in Michigan is a season of unlimited outdoor adventure, farm-fresh flavors, and colorful arts experiences. The state’s expansive lakes, lush forests, and vibrant cities create an unmatched backdrop for unforgettable trips. To help you plan your Great Lakes State getaway, we’ve compiled a list of hot tips for things to do in Michigan in summer – the best places and events that showcase its best summertime seasonal beauty and spirit.

Best Summer Vacation Destinations In Michigan

Exploring Michigan’s incredible natural environments and lively communities is always time well spent. Beaches, lakes, verdant forests, waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, towering dunes … where do we begin? It’s the best kind of challenge choosing where to go first, especially in summer when the weather is perfect, the days long, and the sun paints the land with light. Think of fresh green foliage, sparkling sands, and waters that look like a jeweler’s case full of blue topaz and aquamarine. Here are just a few communities to consider for a summer vacation in Michigan.

Best Beaches, Lakes & Rivers To Visit In Michigan This Summer

Michigan is called the Great Lake State because its geography is defined by them, with borders touching four of the five: Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Erie. Along with Lake Ontario, they account for over 20% of the world’s freshwater! Besides having the longest freshwater coastline in the country, you also have your pick of over 11,000 inland lakes for water sports, fishing, and lakeside living. Add more than 300 named rivers, and you won’t be hard-pressed to find aquatic adventures here. Here are just a few of the best beaches, lakes, and rivers for summer fun in Michigan.

Parks To Visit In Michigan This Summer

Few things beat a summer day at a park, and there are plenty of Michigan parks to choose from whether you want a pretty spot for a picnic, an all-day adventure climbing dunes, or trekking trails through the woods to scout the perfect camping spot for the weekend. We’ve picked just a few standouts for their special features and experiences you just won’t find anywhere else but Michigan in the summertime.

Best Free Summer Activities

Summer is supposed to be relaxing – especially vacation time – so it stands to reason that budget-friendly picks are especially soothing for making the most of your downtime. While many of our outdoor destinations are free or have minimal entry fees for access to a world of activities, we’ve chosen a few places that offer especially incredible value and do not cost a dime!

Best Summer Events And Festivals In Michigan

Michigan is fantastic in all four seasons, perhaps because they present themselves so distinctly, allowing us to appreciate the unique qualities of each more fully. It goes beyond appreciation to celebration to produce events signature to each season. Here are a few of those special occasions around the state that best showcase all the best of summertime in Michigan.

Ready to dive headfirst into all the amazing things to do in Michigan in summer? We sure are! f you’re planning a road trip to these places, make it the most enjoyable with our Road Trip Essentials Guide.

Let us know about your favorite spots or experiences during summertime in Michigan. We’d love to hear about your picks!

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