Blue badge holders will face new parking restrictions at UK airports this summer

British airports have warned blue badge holders that they could face fines this summer if they don’t follow parking rules.

Although the blue badge allows free parking in many areas in the country, not all airport terminals adhere to the same rules. Violation of this may lead to fines or even vehicle confiscation.

The warning follows Heathrow Airport’s recent revelation that certain roads around the site are exempt from the blue badge scheme due to safety concerns.

In a statement, Heathrow Airport specified: “The Blue Badge scheme applies to all car parks. If you wish to park in a Blue Badge space but take your badge with you, please show your badge to the car park operator. Via the help point or the parking meter.”

They also warned: “For safety reasons, the blue badge scheme does not apply on the roads around Heathrow – unattended vehicles may be towed away by police,” the Mirror reports.

Gatwick Airport also outlines specific requirements for registered blue badge owners, stating: “If you are a blue badge holder and are dropped off at the airport by friends or by taxi, you are exempt from drop-off charges, as long as you register your license plate in advance apply The blue badge exemption is valid for a free 30-minute drop-off session, up to three hours after your chosen start time. You are not permitted to leave your vehicle unattended at the Drop Off Terminal Forecourts.

At Glasgow Airport, blue badge holders are required to pay standard fares in the pick-up and drop-off areas, as reported by the Express. The guidance provided states: “You are entitled to 30 minutes free in car park one/short stay car park 2. Simply quote your blue badge number when ringing the intercom at the exit of car park 1 or car park 2.”

Stansted Airport offers blue badge parking, similar to other major airports, confirming that parking charges apply and help points can be found at both the entry and exit barriers. Recent government figures show that around one in 22 people in England have a blue badge, with a total of 2.57 million badges issued by March 2023.